Is that an IPad? No, Its an Android, Um, Nevermind ..

Whenever I pull out my tablet I am always asked if it is an iPad . Not if its a Samsung Galaxy, or a Motorolla Xoom , or even a Kindle Fire, but if its an iPad . I am running an old piece of junk that has Android 2.6 on it. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream), is the latest incarnation of the operating system, if you can even call it one. But don’t tell anyone that.

No one knows which version of iOS runs on their iPad , and no one cares.

You know Apple products “just work”. The whole tablet thing is a gross injustice.

Where was Microsoft when the iPad was released?

Oh that’s right, they were laughing at the iPad , stating that it has no input. Someone should have told Microsoft, since the only hardware people buy from them is the Xbox , and their keyboards and mice, that it is the right time to develop a tablet.

But not, Microsoft decided to develop Windows 8 instead.

Windows 8 is laughable. No one in their right mind wants the Metro interface on a tablet. The metro interface looks good on a phone, but why put it on a tablet. The interface looks like something a child in kindergarten would develop.

People used to care about which version of OS X their Mac computers ran, but when these same people ran out and bought the iPod Touch, and then later, the iPad , no one seems to mind.

It could be that it really does not matter at the end of the day.

Android is a laughable mobile OS. Early iterations did not even come with YouTube pre -installed. I have Maps, an Alarm Clock, an Android Market, which doesn’t work, because I hacked and rooted this device just to make it into a tablet, a task manager, all of which I use.

Is Google honestly, with a straight face, trying to control the integrity of the user experience by preventing just anyone from downloading through Android Market? The experience of Android, even when using trusted, legitimate, apps, is laughable at best.

So you have Apple, you have HP, Motorola, and Samsung . If you have any common sense, and $500 to spare, you would not buy a tablet from anyone else on the market. With numerous versions of Android, the inability to run apps, hardware limitations, and numerous issues, it would make sense to either run the iPad , or use a tablet from one of these other manufacturers that put their own UI on top of Android, you know, because Android is a piece of junk.

Android is a major victory for Linux; even though most geeks already knew that countless devices run on Linux this is the type of vindication against the machine they were looking for.

The only problem in this, is that geeks seem to be the only individuals that know how to make it around a tablet.

Smartphones are easy, tablets, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired.

If Microsoft cared anything about consumers, and had any decency left, after disrespecting us with the “registry” for so many years they would control the entire experience, from beginning to end. Microsoft hardware, the Microsoft name on the tablet, a Microsoft UI , a mobile version of Windows that is an actual mobile OS, and not a tweaked version of a desktop OS.

Then again, Microsoft could not even give us a good featurephone ; the Kin was a dismal failure.

So yeah, my rooted device is a iPad , because everyone knows that the average consumer does not call a tablet a tablet, they call it an iPad . Just like most of you call tissue paper Kleenex …

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