Elcom Technologies, Inc. is a US, privately-held, rapid growth technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art RF and Microwave modules and sub-systems for commercial and defense applications.
Elcom uses innovative design techniques and proprietary manufacturing processes to deliver high-quality products, ranging from 1 to 40 GHz applications.

Elcom products include:

  • Fast switching broad band synthesizers
  • Signal generators
  • High performance broadband receivers
  • Frequency converters
  • Modular frequency synthesizers
  • Phase locked oscillators-
  • Customized modules and sub-systems
  • Clock modules

Elcom products provide sophisticated solutions for the following applications:

  • Communications, antenna measurement, electronic warfare (EW), flight-line testing, navigation, radar, and semiconductor test systems
  • Synthetic Instrumentation (SI)
  • Wireless Communication infrastructure:
    – Digital Radio (point-to-point communications)

    – Satellite Communication (SATCOM)
  • Simulators for EW and radar systems
  • Radar Systems (new and upgrade platforms)
  • SIGINT (signal intelligence)- COMINT & ELINT

Why Elcom?

  • Our substantially faster frequency switching speed (up to 50 times faster than our competition) enables both commercial and defense ATE systems to dramatically increase their productivity.
  • Smaller size, lower weight and lower power consumption (up to 1/8 of our competition) provide a perfect solution for portable and transportable applications such as UAV, flight line testing and SATCOM ground terminals, where small size, light weight and high performance are critical.
  • Industry leading phase noise (up to 20 db improvement) enables system integrators to significantly improve their performance. Thus, radar equipment manufacturers can improve both new and retrofit radar range, and detect smaller targets.