How Can I Find A Journal For My Research Paper Publication?

From this point on, your work process will be a lot easier than you thought. By now, many of you have had your research paper returned to you by your college professor or department lecturer. Generally speaking, a period of time needs to elapse before you have permission to seek publication in subject related journals. In some cases, although this is rare, your original document can be published in its original format in the designated journal.

It truly depends on the type of work or subject material you have produced. You also need to consult directly with your supervisor for guidance. The rest of this tutorial motivation will use the example of a literary research paper publication to demonstrate the process that can be followed, bearing in mind too, that although supervision is recommended, academic rules are not cast in stone (other than time criteria stated ahead of time), and publication strategies can be flexible.

From the outset, it was mentioned that finding a suitable journal should not pose challenges. By now, the senior university student or academic is well-practiced in his or her ability to conduct skilled research on his or her chosen literary subject. For instance, after reading, examining and then completing the drafting of your paper related to a certain theme on the works of Jane Austen or on one of her texts, finding a suitable literary journal that will gladly accept such material should not be difficult.

In fact, the writer could already be associated with the relevant journal publication and therefore familiar with the criteria for publication. Let us also then provide some source of encouragement for the junior students who would like to see their academic work in print or published online in a reputable journal. Simply take note of the key subtext (based on the paper’s theme/thesis statement) and correlate it into a short keyword phrase in the search field of an academically-inclined search engine.

Simply noting Jane Austen as keyword subject will not yield the desired results. A number of pages unrelated to preferred journals will be presented. Hence the importance of effective use of keyword search methodologies. Senior students who have produced excellent work can take the process to a much higher level by seeking publication with one of the country’s major universities that have their own in-house publishers.

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