How To Write An Economics Research Paper Introduction

Economics is a wide ranged subject to write about. Finding a specific topic regarding it can be a struggle on its own. When the right topic has come to mind, you need to decide how you are going to start your paper. An introduction of a research paper is the first impression that the reader will get of your chosen topic. You need to make sure that your introduction is striking, well written, engages the reader and gives enough, but not too much, information about your topic that the reader will want to read on further to find out more. Reading up on how to write economics research paper will help you understand the importance of an introduction.

Introductions are never an easy thing to write. To start your introduction, think about the question you want to answer in your paper. Your entire paper will be a response to this initial question. These tips on an outline for writing a research paper for economics will give you a clear example on how to respond to your question stated. You need to make sure that your question is simple and clear and that it will unite with the conclusion at the end of your paper. Starting your introduction by asking the question you want to answer throughout your paper will instantly engage your readers and let their own mind run wild to find an answer. They will want to read on further to see how you have answered the question as opposed to their view.

Other attention capturing starting points besides a thought provoking question that you can consider using when writing your introduction include:

  1. An intriguing example
  2. A provocative quotation
  3. A puzzling scenario
  4. A vivid, unexpected anecdote

Whichever you choose, make sure that it not only draws attention but that it will be suitable with your chosen topic. Also pay special attention to your first sentence. It need not only say something but must do so in a polished way as well.

Another tip for writing your economics research paper introduction is to do it last. Generally it is said that you should write your introduction first, but this is not always true or the most effective way to write a good introduction. Before starting your paper you might not be sure on how you will be arguing your view. Not knowing this can make it difficult to write an introduction. Writing the body of your paper can be a great way to refine your thoughts and develop a sophisticated argument to state in your introduction.

To get some more insight on introductions, search for economics research paper database to find paper examples.

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