A Collection Of Fresh Research Paper Topics For An Economics Class

Being a teacher is one thing, being a student is another. Its more than often quite easy for teachers to hand out assignments and ask you to write research papers about a niche you know nothing about. One of these can be economics and like many other people in the world, you probably despise it too. Economics can be quite boring and reading the papers or watching the news regarding the economical state of our country is probably not at the top of your list of things to do. When a niche like this which you have no interest in is handed to you for a research paper topic you can do nothing else but cringe and write about it anyway.

To get through writing a whole paper regarding this, not to mention all the research you need to do, you need to formulate a topic that interest you. Since thinking of a topic for something you don’t like is never an easy task, below a few paper topics listed to help you out of your economic paper rut.

  1. The effects of cyber-crime on the Internet economy – This is a topic you don’t see every day. A combination of something you like and something that might not interest you.
  2. The effect of global warming on the economy – Global warming is a real and serious issue. Gathering information about it can be really interesting and comparing what effect it can have on the economy of a country can lead to solid arguments.
  3. Economic growth and the government – This is yet another interesting topic to tackle. Here you can voice your opinion on whether you think economic growth of a country is dependent on its government or its citizens. Different views can surface here and strong arguments can be formed that will ensure a high score on your paper.

Visit this site for more research paper topics for economics that are fresh and a result of free thinking. A few more topics include:

  1. Economic Measurement and Forecasting
  2. Urban Economics
  3. Mobile Technology and the Global Economy
  4. Economic Opportunities Arising From Climate Change
  5. Effects of Obesity on the Economy
  6. Relevancy of the World Bank
  7. Russia’s Political Policies on Energy Prices

These are just a few topics available. More topics can be found through various research sources. You can even visit this site on writing economics research paper to find more topic ideas and few examples of how your paper should be formulated. If you visit this site about research paper economics you will be provided with an endless list of economic paper topic ideas to reformulate and use as your own.

Having a great topic is very important as it will not only keep the reader of your paper interested, but you as well. It will also help you get a good grade on your paper!

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