Which Is Better WordPress Or Blogger

As we all know that there are many blogging platforms which offer free blogging to bloggers. Some of the Top free blogging platforms are Blogger , WordPress , Tumbler , Weebly and Webs. But only Blogger and WordPress have won the trust of bloggers to have their blogs on any of these two platforms. But What you say when asked that which is Better WordPress or Blogger.

I know its a quite tedious ask for all but we can find out the better between these two by just having a comparison between the facilities provided by both of them :

Easy Setup :

The Very first thing that we look at when starting a blog is “How to Easily Setup Our Blog”. As Blogger is maintained by Google itself so setting up a blog on blogger is a much easy task as it hardly takes 5-10 minutes to setup your blog for free. We need not to download and install any kind of software or plugin to setup our blog. On the other hand , to setup WordPress , you need your own server to self-host your blog using the free WordPress Software.

So , Blogger wins the first turn when it comes to easy setup in comparison to Self-Hosted WordPress.

Facilities :

Here comes the turn of WordPress as Blogger provides us only a certain number of facilities which limit our aspirations to customize our blog in the way we want. Whereas WordPress provides us unlimited facilites to customize our blog and give it the look that we want.

Some of the facilities that WordPress gives are :

1. WordPress provides us the facility to customize the url the way we want. In simple words , in wordpress we can set the url of a post by choosing the specific words that we want to have in the url. Blogger does not provide this facility to us.

2. WordPress provides us with a huge collection of free themes that we can use one from them to give our blog a unique and pretty design. We can also use purchase a theme online and use that one for our WordPress Blog. All we need is to install that very theme and then activate it after installing.

3. WordPress provides us the most valuable plugins and widgets that we can easily install and use them on our blog to add really stunning features on our blog which Blogger lacks.

So , When it comes to Facilities , Blogger cannot compete with WordPress from any point.

Search Engine Optimization :

As all of them want to have our blog on the top spot of search engines so that we can get the maximum amount of Search Traffic to our Blog. So Its necessary for us to optimize our blog in such a way that we can get the best results and rank at the top in Search Engines. WordPress is considered best as compared to blogger for optimizing your blog as it provides various SEO plugins which just makes the tedious task of SEO a very easy one. Through WordPress SEO plugins, we can get the information that how competitive our each post is and also provides us suggestions to optimize our posts so that we can get our Blog amongst the top in the SERP`s.

Google Adsense Approval :

As majority of bloggers start blogging as a view to earn some decent amount of money online by displaying ads on their blog. Google Adsense is the lifeline for all those bloggers and helps the bloggers to earn money through their blog quite easily. But Getting Google Adsense Aprroval has become a very tough task for those bloggers who use the Blogspot Platform. So In this turns too , WordPress wins as Google Adsense easily approves your blog if your blog has some unique and fresh content.

The Main reason why Google Adsense prefers WordPress Blogs over Blogger Blogs is the Design , Style and Less Spammy Nature.

So , when we compare the things that have been mentioned above , we can easily say that Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs are much much better that Blogger Blogs.


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