Google Nexus S Mobile Phone

Google has come out with their latest phone, the Nexus S, which with the help of Samsung, has many features which may make it a success. With this, they have provided some great features to the phone, such as a 4 inch touch screen. An interesting item about the phone, which is care of Google, is the phone is available unlocked, which allows you to take the phone to other carriers. Few manufacturers do this because wireless carriers lock you into a 2 year contract, so they do not see the need here in the US. In Europe, though, people have the ability to change carriers far easier than we do here in the US.

The phone is available starting last week at Best Buy and the current wireless carrier is T-Mobile. This is obviously powered by Google’s Android OS and they have put the latest version, Gingerbread (2.3), on it so that it has all the latest features. It has 16 GB of memory and a 5 MP camera, front and back, on it as this has become standard for mobile phones.

It is being compared to the iPhone, but in some areas it does not match up, such as video recording, which the iPhone can do at 720p with a resolution of 1280×720. The Nexus is limited to DVD mode at 720×480. Quite a bit different from the iPhone. The 4 inch screen shows off stunning colors and is close to the iPhone’s display.

One feature the iPhone does not currently have is the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. With the most recent version of the Android OS and the chip, they can take advantage of the growing devices in stores where you can wave your phone over it and pay for a purchase. While there are other uses for the NFC chip, this is the future for the mobile wallet and having this available moves this phone a few steps ahead of the competition.

With T-Mobile as the first carrier in the US, we have learned that the phone is set up to support the 3G network at T-Mobile. With that, the Nexus S will not be able to take full advantage of the HSPA+ network which has speed of up to 21 Mbps. That is probably something Google and T-Mobile do not want you to know about and is a draw back for this phone.

Google released the Nexus One previously, but it never really got off the ground and they ended up pulling it back to reevaluate what they were offering. With the Nexus S, Google appears to have gotten things right this time and it appears that it will do well. The mobile phone market is very crowded and with the existing competition, we do not know whether this to take off with all the other Android phones. With the coming LG dual core phone, the value of the Nexus S may not be what consumers will want. With mobile phones starting to focus much more on data, speed is the new item for people to desire.

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