6 Factors Of Good Navigation Layout Design Website / Blog

I got the idea to write this post while writing the post about the Adsense problem of difficult site navigation. As people have complaints regarding the issue of testing the site navigation of their WordPress blog or websites.?People choose a perfect design or theme for their website or blog. It layout and look of the website is also good but still you can be lacked in few matters which are mentioned by here.

They want to become an Google Adsense publisher and wish to earn through the concept. But, Google is not accepting there application just because of some problem in their layout. So, if you are also suffering from this kind of issue the my this post can be helpful for you. By following the above steps you can easily present a website or blog as a good navigation layout, which people will love to read, surf and share too. This above tips can make your website easily understandable and user friendly for the visitors.

1. Privacy Policy You should create a page in your website named as privacy policy. It should contain the information for the visitors or the users of your website regarding their privacy. As if they sign up or register into your account then their information which they don’t want to share will be remain private by the website administrator.

2. Page Not Found You website or blog should not link a visitor on a page where it is written, Page Not Found. As this will create a negative image to your website as in the search engine. If there are so many links which are showing no content on it. Then this will meant as a bad website or blog.

3. Home Link on Pages Try?to give a home link on each and every page of your website or blog. So that the visitor which are arriving on your different pages can also have a brief of your website through the home page. It show the image of a good layout websites

4. Sitemap Create a sitemap for your website or your blog. It is the mark of good websites. It also helps in SEO of your website as well as blog.

5. Meta Keywords & Description Always put meta keywords as well as meta description in your website or blog. This is also an SEO tip for the webmasters. I am using WordPress blog, if you are also using it then you can easily put meta keywords and?description?with title in your blog wit the help of various SEO Plugins.

6. Less Loading Time The website should not take a lot of time to in loading process. It should be light weighted website or blog. When a visitor arrives on your website it will not wait too long till the uploading of the page. Prepare your website in a way so that it doesn’t show too much loading sign.


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