Article Marketing One of Your Tools for Internet Marketing, Creating Value for Your Audience

What creates connection and trust is providing education and service. Articles are an excellent way to communicate and educate and be seen on the web. As you put together your internet marketing, be sure to add this important component to your marketing strategy. Ever wanted to be published? Article Ezines is a great place to get started.

A couple of guidelines are in order. Be sure your focus is to be of service and helpful not to only use this medium as a way to promote yourself and your opportunity. When it comes to articles “Content” is king. Don’t worry if you don’t yet consider yourself a writer. If you can compose an email you are on your way to developing your writing on the web. Start with things you know about. We all have something to offer. Start with topics where you have a passion and which will also serve and connect with your target market.

If you are not sure what your target market is, keep a journal and as ideas come to you, jot them down. You will find once you turn on your creative juices, your ideas will start to flow. If writing is not your hot point then take baby steps and know there are resources of hiring skilled writers for reasonable fees. Over time your goals should be to have 15-30 articles on the web catering to your target market. You can have more articles but to gain traction on the web at least 15 articles is a good start. Again, remember this is a process and the most important step is to begin.

Remember anything you write can be fine tuned and changed. I love the fact I can go back to any article I write and update or change the article as needed.

Article Ezines provides the guidelines which will support your success in getting your articles noticed. You may only have two links within your article to pertinent sources to support the points and content within your article. By the way the links can not be within the first four paragraphs of your article. You may also have up to two links for self promotion only within your resource box. Only in your resource box can you promote yourself. Your article needs to remain focus on the subject and needs to be helpful to your audience.

These guidelines are in place to better serve the public and to keep the quality of content high. Realizing this as a marketer, also improves your marketing. Through this education process you are cultivating more qualified individuals into your list of contacts. When you truly offer value you are now gaining the respect of your audience.

One of the features that excited me about Articles Ezine is that once you have at least one article published and approved, you are then able to have your article featured on Face Book. The more places on the web you can link to, other services and websites you connect in with, all move you towards greater visibility on the web. In a real sense you are creating a web of content on the web. The more articles you create the more points of contact.

To identify the best online publishers do a google search on your key word phrase you are focusing on for your niche market and see which article publishers are rated the highest. This is a great place to start. Writing quality and valuable content that you get published by the top online publishers well go a long way to increasing your visibility.

I love the fact that I can provide information and training that can better serve my audience. So when I am contacted by individuals they already have a sense of my values and experience. It becomes a natural process of sorting for the right individuals through the information I provide.
Write something everyday. Be authentic and be yourself. You know more than you realize share it with the world.

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