How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster On Your Laptop

Have you ever wanted your Sims to move faster in The Sims 4? Well, now you can. All you need is a laptop and a few tweaks to the game’s code. Here are some steps on how to make your Sims run better and faster than they do on a typical PC.

What you need to get started

You will need to download and install a few programs that will help you modify the game’s code. The first program is called Python, and the second is called Cheat Engine. You can find these programs here:

Python – https://www.python.org/downloads/

Cheat Engine – https://www.cheat-engine.com/download

Download and extract the necessary files

First, you need to download the following files:

Sims 4 PE – Launcher.exe

The Sims 4 XML Extractor – Sims4XMLExtractor.exe

Sims 4 XML Extractor – Xml2Sims4.bat

To do this, go to your web browser and search for “download The Sims 4″ on Google, or follow the steps below:

Click the ‘Download’ button at the top of the page Click on ‘Run’ in order to start downloading it into a text file named “The Sims 4.wim” Copy this text file path from your computer’s address bar (e.g., C:\Users\JohnSmith\Desktop\The Sims 4.wim) and paste that into a new text document (e.g., C:\Text Files\The Sims 4.wim) Rename this file to “sims4xmlextractor-1-6-7-full_setup.exe” Right click this newly created file and select “Create Shortcut” Place this shortcut in C:\Windows\System32 and name it sims4XmlExtractor-1-6-7-full_setup Double click on “sims4xmlextractor-1-6-7-full_setup” and run through installation process==> Let it do its thing==> Open up the shortcut you just made==> Hit Enter (

Tweak your game settings

First, you need to tweak your game settings. This can be done by going to the options screen and scrolling down to the bottom left corner of the screen. Scrolling through the top menu will bring up a list of settings for your game.

Next, go to “Game Settings” and click on “Optimization” in the sidebar. Now scroll down until you find “Laptop Performance Tweaking” and click on it. On this new submenu, change your resolution from what it currently is to a lower setting. This will make your Sims move faster without having to increase their graphics quality or the size of their models.

Now, if you want your Sims to run even faster than they do at lower resolutions, you need to change one more setting on this menu: Graphics Quality. There are three different levels here: Low, Medium, and High. Change this setting to High which will give your Sims smoother animations and better graphical effects without slowing them down as much as lowering it would.

Now that all of these changes have been made (and after restarting The Sims 4), you should be able to play The Sims 4 with a laptop at a higher frame-rate than you could on a typical PC!

Install More Ram

The first thing you should do is install more ram to your laptop. Most laptops come with 4 GB of ram, but you can upgrade to 8 GB or 16 GB as well.

Why is Sims 4 so slow on my laptop?

Sims 4 is a pretty large game and has many files involved. Some of these files take up a lot of your laptop’s RAM and processor power, so your laptop can run out of room to perform other tasks. Plus, if you’re only using the game on your laptop, you probably have less storage space for other programs that require more processing power as well.

Does Sims 4 run well on laptop?

Sims 4 will run well on a laptop. However, if you are hoping to play the game with all of its features, you will need a computer with more RAM and an NVIDIA graphics card.


How do I make my Sims move faster in The Sims 4?

To make your Sims move faster, first open the game’s folder in Documents and click on the file named ‘sims4.ini’. Once you’re there, you can change the game’s default speed to 5.0 by changing the value in line 15:

Speed = 5.0

Change your speed back to 1.0 after you’re done playing.

How do I make my Sim run faster on a laptop?

If you want your Sim to run faster on a laptop, you have to edit their movement speed in the sims4.ini file. This is where you will change the default value of their movement speed from 1.0 to 5.0 and then set it back to 1.0 once they’ve stopped running so that they don’t keep running around like crazy when they shouldn’t be moving at all!


Sims 4 is a successful game franchise and runs well on a laptop. With the right tweaks, you can make your Sims 4 run faster on your laptop. If you’re experiencing slow performance, try installing more RAM and adjusting your game settings.

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